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A documentary by Rachel Lears

Birds of Passage (2010, 52 m) presents a lyrical journey through the everyday lives of two young Uruguayan songwriters. Ernesto and Yisela have moved to the capital, leaving behind their respective hometowns on the borders of Brazil and Argentina. After many years of composing songs that reflect their origins, both decide to explore new horizons and each seeks to fulfill the dream of recording a first album. While Yisela struggles to reconcile the emerging possibilities of a career in Uruguay with her plans to move to Argentina, Ernesto confronts personal conflicts that threaten to sabotage his creative passion. The film fuses the arts of documentary film and music, interweaving the songs and stories of these two young composers. With vérité cinematography and an unforgettable soundtrack, Birds of Passage explores the challenges of being a young artist, and the art of searching, inside and outside of oneself.

For more information on Birds of Passage, please visit the bilingual film website where you can find screening information and credits. See below to view a trailer.

Birds of Passage was produced by Martín Ubillos and features Ernesto Díaz and Yisela Sosa. The film is a co-production Uruguay-United States and was made possible by grants from Fulbright IIE (2005), the Film and Audiovisual Institute of Uruguay (ICAU, 2009), and the Montevideo Socio Audiovisual Program (2009), support from the Intendencia Municipal de Artigas, Intendencia Municipal de Paysandú, the Uruguayan Consulate in New York, and Documentary Educational Resources, and donations from over 70 private individuals.

It has toured Uruguay several times in mobile HD drive-in format, sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture and Medio y Medio Films; the summer 2011-12 tour features performances by the protagonists. In 2010, the film was broadcast nationally in Brazil on Canal Futura; negotiations are in process for broadcast in several other countries. In 2011 the film was awarded the "Outstanding Achievement Certificate for International Feature Film" at the Williamsburg International Film Festival. The US based distributor (nonexclusive) is Documentary Educational Resources. To arrange a screening or campus visit or to order a DVD, please contact me.



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